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Voyage, Trek
Since 2003, I make regularly treks around the planet.
On this page you will find the following regions (links in the text point towards outside sites):
You will find photographs in 1600x1200 or in 800x600 of these different regions of the world, with a commenatire of every trip.

Alps and Jura...

I regroup on this page of photographs taken in Swiss, the weekend most often.
It is of:
  • Alps in summer.
  • Autumn.
  • Fauna and Flora of Alps.
  • Swears Switzerland.
  • Schreckhornhutte.

Weather Forecast on Earth.

Interested by weather and temperatures on the earth?
Interested by climate on the Earth globe?
You are interested in climates others than tempered climate?
Or you want to see the weather to prepare your holiday?
Definitely it is here...

My Weather Page.

You are interested in climate? ...in the weather forecast? Then go on this page!
I made photographs of storms in different evolution stage in the French-speaking lowland of Swiss.
You will find predictions weather forecast in different climatic zones!
I also add some links providing satellites with photographs of the Earth. 

City of the World

Some cities of the world (links in the text point towards outside sites):
- Photograph of Bern ( wikipedia ).
- Photograph of Erlach ( wikipedia ).
- Photograph of Geneva ( wikipedia ).
- Photograph of Neuchatel ( wikipedia ).
- Photograph of Manhattan ( wikipedia ).
- Photograph of Santiago ( wikipedia ).
- Photograph of Thun ( wikipedia ).


festival grape harvests
You will find (links in the text point towards outside sites):

Other Paragraphs.

My Hifi Chain.

You will find the different stages of my hifi chain conception.
I conceived myself the elements like CD converter,  enclosures, while passing by different amplifier, including one pure class A.


Entry et Soup.
Vegetable, main dish.
Meat and Fish.
Pastry making.
Jam Recipe.
My mother was an excellent cooker.
She left us some receipt of cooking, that finally I put on Internet...
There are cakes, tarts, vegetables, meats, a some good thingd which you can tested if you have of the talents...
Then I add some other recipe heard somewhere.


  • Information about the site.
  • History of the site.
  • Site and visitors statistics.
  • Counter.
  • Author.
  • Referencement.
  • Tips and Trick.

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Created the : 03 february 2003
Moving from Bluewin to Infomaniak the 21 april 2005.
Last update : 20 December 2009.

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