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Trekking en Iceland.

( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
In August 2003, I made a trekking in Iceland organized by Club Aventure (Iceland - Walking in the country of the Trolls). It lasted 15 days, and it is unwound in most cases in the Icelandic southwest.
We leaved Reykjavik to go for a walk by foot in Landmannalagaur. Then we moved to the east of the south glacier of Vatna Jokull where we discovered glaciers and icebergs very close to the sea. Then we moved towards the southwest to discover pretty village of Vik. Then we return to Reykjavik, by making a detour towards the geysers of Geysir.
The trek it is made with a group of 12 persons, with a very nice Icelandic French-speaking guide.
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"Haute-Route" Arolla Zermatt.

Arolla Zermatt
( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
I made a part of the high road Chamonix-Zermatt with some colleagues, more precisely Arolla Zermatt, in September, 2003.
Arolla is about at the mi-way between Chamonix and Zermatt, and allow to make this itinerary in 4 day.
Photographs start with departure in Arolla, then follow the photographs of the pass of Riedmatten, the cabane des Dix, then we cross near the Mont-Blanc de Cheilon and the pigne d'Arolla to arrive has the Cabane des Vignettes. Photographs uninterrupted with the Col de l'Evèque, the Bertols refuge, the cervin, the Schonbielhutte, then Zermatt.
"Course" means walking in high mountains, on glacier and/or climbing. The word "courses" do not mean competition here.
The journey took place in September, what does not prevent that they have had some nice day, and even very soft temperatures in 3200m. The grass had already became dries because of the cold night in the end of the summer, but we still have some magnificent panoramas...
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irfanview 90 available, 56k: 800*600 available.

Ski at Zermatt.

Ski Zermatt
( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
We have left one week with working colleagues, to go skiing in Zermatt in March, 2004.
Zermatt is a very interesting station, with many km of lanes, a very big difference in altitude, some lanes located high in altitude, and some rises very correct.
Twice in week, I ski with my camera under the parka to immortalized some panorama and landscape. It is possible for me, because I made seldom falls in ski, and I pay more attention when I have it under my parka.
One of the interests of the station, it is to be able to ski above clouds when it's bad weather!
Zermatt is principally orientated north, but thanks to link with the Italian station of Breuil, they have slopes orientated full south, and this allows to get warm when it is cold in Zermatt.
I put therefore winter photographs of Breithorn, Klein Matterhorn, cable Trockener Steg, as well as descent in ski around Rothorn, and Stockhorn.
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Trekking in Patagonia.

( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
Again a trekking in Patagonie with Club Aventure (Chile / Argentina: big adventure in Patagonie). I left in Februar 2004 to Patagonie and a group of a dozen of people built up on place. They were guided by a very nice Chilean guide. This trek included a lot of displacement in bus, but remains interesting by the met landscape.
Andes are put on the west of the continent. The cool air and cold sea stream of South Pole gives to Patagonie a particular face.
This sometimes resembles to Alps, sometimes to Arizona, with temperatures that are sometimes not very close from Iceland.
I put photographs of the Lake General Carrera, the north ice field patagonien seen from plane, San Rafael, Cochrane where we make a quick passage. I also put photographs of Fitz-Roy with El Chapten, glacier Perito Moreno, P.N. Torres del Paine with the glacier Grey. We will also see pampa Argentinian, where I put some photographs.
This trek is finished at Punta Arenas, in the middle of the south cold air, in a region still devoid of forest.
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Trip in Scandinavia.

1600*1200 , 800*600 )
This trip is not a trek, however it remains interesting. Chance wanted that it is carried out entirely by bus, with a group of approximately 25 peoples.
The travel started from Stockholm, then we moved by boat to Helsinki, we take the plane until the frontier of Finland and Noway. We traversed all the Norwegian coast from the northern Norway to Oslo.
I put photograph of crossed cities (Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo) which are beautiful. Then I select some photographs of the crossed landscapes. The fjords of north coast are a few marked, with a vegetation close to the tundra. Then while traveling towards the south. The fjords become increasingly marked, the mountains higher, and the vegetation greener.
adsl: 1600*1200 irfanview 90 available, 56k: 800*600 available.

Trek "Turn of Annapurnas", Nepal

( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
The turn of Annapurnas represents 240km of walking.
This trek starts at Khudi with an altitude of 800m, then the rise is done by the valley of Manang (11500ft). The way takes us in softness until Thorung Phedi at 14700ft. The final rise to the pass Thorung La (17700ft) allows us to change Valley, then we go down by Tukuche (8500ft). We finished at Birethanti at 3300ft.
We crossed different landscape, from the wet forest to the rock desert.
The weather was also variable, from beautiful sun and calm in morning to the rain/snow/wind in evenings.
The 8000 are not visible permanently. But there are some area where the panorama is nevertheless splendid. For example Pisang (10200ft) until Manang, Larjung (8500ft), Lete (8200ft), Poon Hill (10500ft).
The trek finished by bringing back nearly 1900 photographs, and I put on Internet only a selection of them.
adsl: 1600*1200 irfanview 90 available, 56k: 800*600 available.

Trek in Greenland: island of Disko (Qeqertarsuaq) &Ilulissat.

( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
It is a trek on the island of Disko with GNGL (in reality Topas).
The climate in Greenland is rather soft in summer, the weather is fresh by rain, and it can be hot with sun wihout wind.
Greenland is green on the 500 first meter above the sea, the alternation of rocks, ices, foam and flora gives very beautiful landscape. It is even possible to meet areas with bright greens. With Topas, we made a trek enough calms, when we could take times to observe the landscape.
On Disko, the most mountains are mowed at 2600ft altitude: it is probably the result of an old glacier (kind of inlandsis) which brought back the ground to the same altitude. Then some other smaller glacier made their work by digging valleys and glaciated valleys, as we have in Alpen. In Ilulissat, I discovered one of the most beautiful glacial fjord of Greenland which provides a number of high iceberg in the fjord, then in all bay of Disko.
adsl: 1600*1200 irfanview 90 available, 56k: 800*600 available.

Trek in Hoggar &Tassili of Hoggar

( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
It is a trek in Hoggar, then in Tassili of Hoggar
Hoggar is rock moutain located in the south of Algeria, in the middle of the Sahara. It habrit of very pretty landscape, primarily rocky. The weather is generally fresher because of altitude, which allows the presence of a city like Tamanrasset.
It exsite several Tassili in the Sahara. Tassili of Hoggar is a mixture of rock and dune. Its gives very pretty constrate. But the weather is quite hot, which requires to do it in winter.
In spite of dryness, there is some greenery in these areas, which makes possible the camel to feed alone without the intervention of the man. This vegetation remains limited, and without technology this situation obliges the man to live as nomad.
We were guided by Tuareg, which offered every days to us their excellent tea.
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Trek in Scotland.

( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
It is a trek in Scotland.
Scotland is principally covered with mountain not very well brought up, where the highest summits are between 3300 and 4300ft.
The landscape is of course here very green, especially in the west, and the vegetation corresponds more or less to what we found in France between 3300 and 6600ft of altitude.

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Trek in Tanzania.

( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
The first week consists in the ascent of Kilimandjaro in 6 days. Nomade aventure envisaged a day of acclimation at 4000m, this allowed us to discover a nice valley.
The second week is a safari photographs in park of Tanzania, as Serengueti and Ngorongoro. We could see quite a lot of animals, even if the feline were very well hidden in the high grass.

adsl: 1600*1200 irfanview 90 dispo, 56k: 800*600 available.

Trek in Svalbard.

( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
150km in ski (seal's skin) in 12 days...
Circuit takes place in Spitzberg, on the east of Longyearbyen.
A party of circuit takes place in valleys inside, a party along floe.
It is a very interesting trek, they could been too much cold thanks to the equipment lent by the agency, in spite of a spike at - 25°C first one harms.

For the first time, all photographs were taken has origin in RAW format!

adsl: 1600*1200 irfanview 90 dispo, 56k: 800*600 available.

Trek in Ethiopia.

( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
The heart of this trip is DALLOL, and the active volcano ERTA ALE.
Circuit leaves Addis Ababa, then goes down in the rift valley, to go full north in the middle of Danakil, then return to Addis Abeba by way of Mekele and high Plateau.
Landscapes are new and magnificent...

All photographs were taken has origin in format RAW.

adsl: 1600*1200 irfanview 90 dispo, 56k: 800*600 available.

Everest base camp and Gokyo lake.

(1600*1200 , 800*600 )
Splendid trek! The snowy summits are everywhere, and circuit allows to go near to Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Cho Oyu, and Ama Dablam.

All photographs were taken has origin in format RAW.

adsl: 1600*1200 irfanview 90 dispo, 56k: 800*600 available.


(1600*1200 , 800*600 )
Very beautiful trek in the volcanoes of Hawaii. The explosions of lava are beautiful the night, the fossils cast are several on the island and the climate is very changeable depending on the orientation relative to trade wind!

All photographs were taken has origin in format RAW.

adsl: 1600*1200 irfanview 90 dispo, 56k: 800*600 available.


( 1600*1200 , 800*600 )
adsl: 1600*1200 irfanview 90 dispo, 56k: 800*600 dispo.

Travel Agency that drew my attention.

Club aventure Different Trekkings and levels are organized around the earth. I made several treks with them, it is well organized, we eats well.
Grand Nord Grand Large
It is a French specialist in trek in the polar areas, which are rather difficult to found in the other agencies.
However, the treks with a beginning at Copenhagen are probably a Topas treks with english speaking guide.
Terres d'aventure It can be a competitor of Club Aventure, although the levels of difficulties are slightly shifted between the two agencies.
Aventure et volcans Trekking, generally not very hard, around active volcano.
TOPAS It is an interesting Danish agency, I have travel in Greenland with them. Their catalogue contains many destinations to the poles, but also some destinations in temperates and tropical zone.
They privilege times of pause and days off for better impregnating places and landscapes.
nomade aventure I hike the Kilimandjaro with them, it was organized well, nothing to say.
Allibert I have done a trek in Ethiopia with them, it was organized well, nothing to say.

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