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Recipe: Meat and Fish
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My mother was an excellent cooker.
She left us some recipe, that finally I put on Internet...

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RSR, la 1ère: Comment trouver une viande de qualité ?


Recipe Noémie. For 3 persons. - 6 edges of monkfishes - 6 potatoes - 1 onion - 2 or 3 pods of garlic - 1 bunch of fennel cut roughly pieces - laurel, salt, pepper - 2 sachets of saffron, aïoli. In casserole, to cut the onion, the crushed garlic, the fennel, the laurel, wiped potatoes, salt, adds pepper, saffron. Water with groundnut oil. Shake, leave expenses all morning long in. Make go back slowly, then put some hot water (cover barely). Cook 5 mn, then put the monkfish. Cook 10 mn. Prepare crusts for the garlic, put in the plate, then water crusts, then monkfish and aïoli.


Cook 4 potatoes with the skin, in cold water. Blend 80 g oil of olive with 1 c in soup of parsley, 1 c in soup of capers, the pulp of a lemon cut in dices, 1 tomato in dices picked, to prepare 4 h beforehand, to put in the fridge. Crush potatoes with a fork, add 100 g of cold butter a net of oil of olive, 1 c to soup of flat parsley, season with the flower of salt. Pieces of cod with the skin to season them of salt adds pepper. Make go back side to the oil of olive skin at the level of ¾ of baking, go back. Dispose the fish on potatoes side flesh. Cover some marinade without forgetting to salt it, to put tomatoes around and to cover the fish of oil of olive.


For 2 pers. 2 aiguillettes of duck not fat, 5 cl of wine vinegar, 50 g of sugar semolina, 10 cl of fund of calf, 3 oranges. Put vinegar with the sugar semolina, make caramelize, then add the fund of calf and the juice of 2 oranges, make reduce. Cut the zest of 2 oranges in fine straps. Add pepper to aiguillettes and make go back without butter, side skin, go back (10mn of baking) .Les go out on a gate and let rest at least 10 min (to warm up put under the grillroom 1 - 2 mn). On plates put about 6 edges of oranges without pulp. Cut the duck in edges, a bit losing blood, put them down in the plate. Put some zests on the duck. Make a small salad of shoot d ' " spinaches or of cress, put in the centre of the plate. Then put sauce around the plate, and rest in sauceboat.


Make marinade by putting the meat in a container with a dozen carrots in washers, 3 onions, 2 cloves, 2 pods of garlic, thyme, laurel. Pour 1 good litre of white wine as well as a big glass of vinegar over and water 3 or 4 c. of oil. Let marinade in the fridge from 4 to 8 days according to the fatness of the piece, by having care to turn the meat in the morning and in the evening. Withdraw some marinade and let drain at least 1 h, then make it in the oven with a good piece of butter, hot oven then medium temperature roast. Make sauce, by making go back 100g of crude ham as well as all ingredients which were in marinade and so possible qq. bone of the game. When the whole is turned brown well, to pour a glass with mustard of vinegar. Let reduce thoroughly, then withdraw the whole. Put 3 or 4 c. in soup of flour thinned down with marinade, then add some blood as well as ingredients that they withdrew and cook slowly during one hour. Cross this sauce, then add 2 c. to soup of jelly of redcurrant which they blended with 20 cl of thick cream. Before serving, when they withdraw the roast, to add to sauce, juice of the roast with whole horse chestnuts and the joke of horse chestnut.


Cut up the duck. Put it in some big salt one night. The following day to wipe pieces. Put them in a casserole without fat with very soft fire at least 2 h. When the skin is retracted, pieces are cooked. Put in a jar to sterilize 20 mn with a little clear grease of baking (4 - 5 cm high).


For 4 pers ., 12 walnuts, 250g of carrots, 2 whole eggs, 75 g of butter, 4 scallions, 20cl of porto, 30 cl of wine, 10 cl of liquid white, cream vinegar. Cook carrots in scalding water cut in washers, salt, add pepper, add whole eggs and liquid cream, chives, blend and beat in the mixer. To put in small moulds to cook in the bath marries during 30 mn to 130 °. Make go back scallions in white vinegar, add porto make reduce add the red wine and make reduce again, pass to Chinese. Make go back walnuts 30 seconds on each side to the oil of olive, put them down on some absorbing paper. Turn out of the tin custards not heat, put them down in the centre of the plate, put down 3 c of sauce and the walnut on sauce, which they recuperate of a bit of flower of salt.


RECIPE FIGARO - For pers 6. 18 walnuts with their coral - 5 leeks - 250g of liquid cream - 1 c s of oil - 1 pinch of Cayenne - 1 pinch of nutmeg - pepper - salt to Pick leeks by withdrawing 2/3 of the green, to crack them in three. Cook them in scalding water, then cross them under cold water, drain them, put them in a bowl mix. Make heat cream, pour it on leeks, make turn up to getting of a smooth purée, salt, pepper, nutmeg, Cayenne, her pour into a saucepan and it heat on gentle heat. Poach the coral of shells 2 seconds in some salt scalding water. Dry walnuts, whitewash them of oil of olive with the aid of a brush. Make heat a frying pan hard with antisticky surface, make gild walnuts 1 min there on each side. Divide the cream of leeks in plates. Deposit 3 walnuts of St Jacques. Hack the coral, divide it on walnuts. Dredge with flower of salt and with pepper.


For pers 4. 4 thighs, 1 b. of raw hard cider, 20 cl of cream, 4 scallions, butter, salt, pepper. Whitewash the thighs of butter and good make them gild 2 coasts with scallions in a very hot oven. It is necessary that the meat is grabbed well. Salt, add pepper, add hard cider and cook h ½. Then glaze the thighs of cream and let prepare another 5 min.


To hack scallions, 2 c. in soup, to make reduce with 10 cl by white vinegar, salt, 1 c. in coffee of pepper, 1 branch of tarragon, the reduction must represent 1 c to soup. Make a sauce from the Béarn with 2 yellow of eggs which they thin down with 10 cl of water and which they put in the bath - marry to 80 ° up to thickening. Add 3 c to soup of thin fromage frais, then the reduced scallions. Put 4 nets of bar with the skin salt with some big salt under the grillroom during 10 min. Introduce nets taken away by the skin which acts as decor on the quoting of the net, and to cover with sauce from the Béarn that they made warm up a bit in the bath - marry, serve rest in sauceboat. 


For pers 4. 700g entrecôte, 6 scallions, 1 glass of red wine, butter, parsley, salt, pepper. Hack scallions and parsley. Made gild the entrecôte, salt, add pepper, and be fond of heat between 2 plates. Put scallions and parsley in the butter. Cook 2 mn. Add wine salt, pepper. Turn and let reduce by half.


Recipe Noémie. About 2 kg for pers 5. Let thaw and rinse, wipe. In half spread with butter half oil, make go back 4 - 5 mn. Water with cognac or whisky, 1 glass. Apart make a sauce tomato with a glass of white wine, Muscadet. Salt, pepper, Cayenne, 1 piece of sugar, to put gambas to let prepare 10 mn. The following day to add a piece of butter and 1 c. of cream.


Recipe Noémie. For pers 3 or 4. 1 ham of calf - 1 onion, 1 scallion - 3 tablespoonfuls of coulis of tomato - 1 gd glass of dry white wine - thyme, laurel, salt, pepper - 1 sugar. Cut the ham in 6 pieces with the bone. Make go back with butter and oil. Withdraw. Put in the juice the onion, the scallion hacked at the end, the coulis of tomato, the white wine, the thyme, the laurel cut in pieces, sugar, pepper. Delay the ham for ½ the hour of baking. Put some butter at the end of baking and accompany with rice.


For pers 2.:4 crayfishes, 2 fennels, 4 small tomatoes, 100g of butter, 4 pods of garlic. To crack fennels in 2, to cook 20 mn in salt water, to mix them warm with pepper and a net of pastis (1c in coffee) can make fridge the day before and.. Empty 4 small tomatoes, keep hats, salt them and trim with the purée put the hat. Melt the butter in colour pieces hazelnut, cross it to the sieve put it ice 1mn. Boil some water, put the 4 pods cut in small pieces to whiten 10s, then frozen bath and sopalin. Put the garlic in the butter. Crack the 4 crayfishes (kidnap the black). Water the tomatoes of a net of oil, salt add pepper to crayfishes. Put in the oven tomatoes and crayfishes at last instant 5 in 6mn. Make warm up the butter, add 2c to coffee of lemon, salt add pepper to flat parsley, and cover crayfishes of the butter. 


Recipe Noémie. For pers 4. 8 edges or about 2 kg - 1 kg cool tomatoes - 2 pods garlic, 2 scallions, 2 onions - basil, thyme, laurel, cayenne, (Pilipili) - 2 pieces of sugar, ½ glass of cognac - 1 glass of dry white wine - 1 spoon has late dinner cream. Flour the monkfish. Make go back the monkfish in frying pan with fair oil a bit. Put down pieces in a casserole. Put the purée of tomato that they will have cooked onions with garlic and ground. Add glass of cognac ½, the dry white wine. Season. Cook ¼ an hour and add cream. The following day to heat then to put a piece of butter.


For pers 4. 800g of monkfish, 4 carrots, 2 zucchinis, 1 apple, 1 pod of garlic, 25 g of butter, 1 glass of dry white wine, cream, curry powder, aroma of instantaneous fish, salt and pepper. Spin the monkfish, cut and mop. Pick vegetables and cut in sticks, plunge 3 mn into salt scalding water. Pick and creep the apple. Peel, crush the garlic. Make heat aroma and white wine. 1 c à shareware of curry powder add the rasped apple and. Salt, add pepper, and make reduce means on feu. To make heat 25 g of spreads with butter in a frying pan, add the pieces of windows and make brown here and there. Computer boils with 2 min add the garlic and the bâtonnets of vegetables, let come back another 2 min. Salt and add pepper. Bone 25 cl of cream in sauce in curry powder and to let heat up slowly. Dispose vegetables in it plate, divide the fish over and glaze with hot sauce.


Recipe Barber. Site of monkfish, salt adds pepper, bouillon with dry white wine runs, bouquet garni, 1 carrot, 1 onion, 1 branch of celery, 1 not treated orange, big salt, add pepper, water. Link with 25 cl of cream, 3 eggs, 1 g of safran in filament, salt, pepper. Sharpen the zest of an orange in fine sticks, express the juice. Pick the onion the carrot, slice thinly them, put them in a big saucepan with the white wine, water, the bouquet garni, big salt, qq grains of pepper, the juice of orange and zests; cook during 20 mn, let get cold. Put the tails of monkfish in a saucepan, cover them with the billon court, bring to the boil. When bouillon quivers take out monkfishes, reserve them for heat. Filter short bouillon delay on fire and let reduce by half, add the filament of saffron. Make link with the yellow of eggs and cream. They can serve this dish with tagliatelli.


4 duck breasts, 1 c in s of oil, 20g of butter, salt, pepper, 5 cl white wine, 3 c. in s of cream. Hatch the surface of every duck breast, salt, add pepper put cook side in the butter and in oil, skin in first, turn them cover them, extend baking from 5 to 6 min. Slice thinly and serve. They can make a sauce in cream so. Streamline the container of baking, deglaze with the white wine, make reduce, add cream and make reduce once again.


Recipe Noémie. For pers 4. 1 kg of moulds - 1 onion - 3 or 4 pods of garlic - 1 handle of parsley - 3 tomatoes or coulis - fennel - laurel, pepper, Cayenne. Make open moulds to the white wine. Cross the juice. Put in a dish a little oil, the fine cut onion, the crushed garlic, the parsley, the tomato, the fennel. Season. Cook, then add the juice of moulds. Put an end of butter at last instant.


For pers 2. 6 shells (without coral they are finer) 20g of caviare (not obligatory) 100g of butter, 1c in soup of lemon, thyme, parsley, salt, pepper. Cut shells in edges, spread with butter them in the brush as well as shells. Put them in the grillroom 3 mn. Then to put the cold butter cut in dices in 1 - 2 c in soup of hot water, they top up the juice of walnuts and the lemon. To cover the walnuts of a little caviare, flat parsley, salt adds pepper and cover some sauce in the butter.


Carry in tremble the water figured up by 2 c in s. of vinegar of alcohol. Break a very cool egg in a cup. Approach the cup of the surface of water, turn it just like that dryness. During baking pull down the white on the yellow with the aid of a skimmer. At the end of 3 mn the egg is cooked. Level the turn with the aid of a knife.


In the tinfoil deposit a little ratatouille, a steak of salmon, some leaves of basil, a net of oil of olive, salt add pepper. Put in the oven in 180 ° during 20 mn, or barbecue.


For 2 pers .: 6 crayfishes, 2 leaves of brick, 1 pod of garlic, a bunch of basil, 10 cl of oil of olive. To mix the basil, the garlic, adds pepper to salt, to the oil of very cold olive. Crack the leaves of brick to acquire a triangle, shell crayfishes by raising the black net, add pepper to them, cover with a leaf of basil équeutée. To roll every crayfish in the leaf of brick by putting them down of the rounded up side leaving towards the top, to prick them, to put them 40 s in a bath of oil in 180 °, they can then put leaves of basil qq in oil in 130 °. Introduce them on a plate having them pose on the sopalin, put sauce in the middle and decorate leaf of basil of. Drink in can accompany Champagne region. 


Recipe Noémie. For pers 4. - 1 guinea hen - 1 good red wine - 1 onion, thyme, laurel, salt, pepper, carrot, bacon cubes to Cut up the good pieces. Boil the carcass with the wine and the carrot cut in washers, the onion and flavouring, about ½ the hour. Pass, and keep the juice. Make go back pieces with bacon cubes. Burn with some cognac. anchor with the wine of baking of the carcass. Cook slowly. At the end add a spoon of cream. Make crusts with the liver which they will have crushed in a little sauce.


1) For pers 4. 500 g of hake's net or place, 1 egg white, 25 cl of liquid cream, some chives, salt, pepper, 1 g of saffron possibly. Cut nets in small cubes, cross them to the blender, salt, add pepper. Incorporate progressively the egg white, cream and chives, mixer again. Melt 10 g of butter display it with the aid of a brush in 4 ramekins. To fill these ramekins of joke and to put them to cook in the bath - marries to the oven in 210 ° during 15 - 20 min. Butter in the saffron: Into a saucepan pour 4 c in soup of water, bring to the boil, add progressively 125 g of butter in ointment, move with the aid of a whisk and add the saffron (especially do not boil). Divide ship's apprentices on plates, dispose vegetables around (carrots, white turnips, leeks) and the butter of saffron. Decorate bites of chervil of qq.. 2) As above to mix the fish having add the egg white, and cream, 100 g of shrimps in dices. In some waxed paper, wet a side divide the foam, then run. Make poach sausages acquired in some salt water supported in small tremble (15 min). Take them out from some paper and cut them in washers. Sauce: in a saucepan bring to the boil the juice of a 1/2 lemon, without ceasing turning incorporate the butter little by little. To add liqueurs brandy herbes hacked, salt, pepper. Serve the washers of fish accompanied with some sauce and possibly with the rice.


Recipe Joël Robuchon: For pers 3. 3 nets of pikeperch, 1 scallion, 10 cl of liquid cream? 10 cl of red wine (Irancy)? 20 cl of aroma of fish, 50 g of cold butter in dices, 3 whites of leeks, 6 bards of lard. Put the cut scallion and the red wine in casserole, make reduce, add the aroma of fish, make little reduce, add cream, then cold dices of butter, season. Put aside. Put the nets of fish in dish with thyme, laurel that they bard each with 2 bards of lard, to cover with red wine, good to cover with kitchen foil, to put in the oven 10mn. Cook leeks cut on the bias in not well-blended butter. Introduce in dish, leeks then sauce around and fish over.


1 chicken 1k500, 3 tomatoes, 1 c s of concentrated solution, 200g of mushrooms, 1 pod garlic, 24 olives, ¼ dry white wine, 1 c s oil of olive, butter, salt, pepper, parsley. Make go back the pieces of chicken slowly, salt, add pepper, put aside pieces. Withdraw the excess of grease of the jumper and reserve. Put the flesh of tomatoes with the crushed garlic. Cook slowly by scraping clean saps, add the white wine, the sliced thinly crude mushrooms, the concentrated solution of tomato, salt, add pepper. Make stew, if sauce is too light link with a little kneaded butter with 1 c of flour. Add the chicken, olives. Cook slowly. Serve having interspersed with hacked parsley. Can use with fried eggs put down on crusts gilded in the excess of reserved fat and in the butter.


Necklace or lamb's quotations, poivron, zucchinis, tomatoes, potatoes, salt, pepper, thyme, laurel, oil of olive ., onions, garlic. Make go back the lamb with the onion. Take away the meat. To cut vegetables in small pieces, to make go them back, by beginning by add pepper to them, zucchinis then tomatoes. Cover, thyme, laurel, salt, pepper, crushed garlic. Top up the meat and potatoes.


Alternate ravioles (not pre-firings) with edges of smoked salmon. Crême and milk, salt, add pepper, gruyére rappé. Then 20 has 30 minutes in the oven.
They can add zucchinis (cook them in anticipation).
For the days of holidays, they can replace the salmon with walnuts of St-Jacques.


For 4 pers .: 8 nets of sole (or dab), to salt and to add pepper of the side skin, to roll them by beginning with the tail, to prick them. Thin out the leaves of 4 chicories. To melt lemon juice 50g of butter ½ (avoids blackening), salt add pepper, cook 5 min. Cook sole in a little butter 5 - 6 mn. Put on sopalin. Make warm up in the dish of service first chicories, withdraw pikes, put qq walnut of butter, at the end a net of lemon on sole and flat parsley around. 


For pers 3. (in any 140g of butter) 120g green lenses, to cook in cold water, of that this boils égoutter. - In saucepan 20g of cold butter with 1 onion carved to make sweat 1 mn, then add 1 carrot in tt small dices, make sweat 2 min, add smoked bacon cubes 50g, make sweat, then pour lenses, anchor with 4 dl of bouillon of fowl (not salt), add parsley thyme laurel 1 star of anise (what I have) small boiling uncovered. Make a red butter with 4 scallions, 1 dl 1/2 of the red wine, salt add pepper, make reduce 3/4 in. Add 100 g of very cold butter in dices and little by little in 4 or 5 steps, put out fire in cuillérée last, snack, salt, pepper leave on the plate in heat. 3 pavings of salmon to season 2 quoting, to put in a hot frying pan with 2 c in soup of oil of walnut or olive, to put the salmon side flesh 2 mn then quoted skin 2 mn. Take away the bouquet garni and the star, withdraw a little juices so too much, about 4 shady babies, add 20 g of butter there of. Raise the dish, at the bottom lenses without sauce, put pavings and serve sauce in the red butter in a bowl. 


Cook potatoes in water, crush them in the fork then add some cream of salt, pepper and blend. In the bottom of a dish going to the oven, to deposit a coat of slicing thinly of salmon (smoked in cubes), of sliced thinly scallions, of the dill, of some salt and of some pepper. Cover with purée and cook in the oven in 180 ° during 30 mn. Be you serve hot with a green salad?


For pers 4. 4 tournedoses, 1 bar of bouillon of fowl, 1, cuillérée has soup of starch, 1 pt glass of cognac, 1 pt glass of white wine, 1 tablespoonful of strong mustard, spread with butter salt add pepper. Pour the white wine into a saucepan, add the same quantity of water and melted the bar of bouillon. Thin down starch with 1 cuil. in soup of cold water and add in scalding sauce; move, take away some fire as soon as mixture thickens. Cook tournedoses in the frying pan, add cognac, made burn. Put down tournedoses in a hot plate, salt add pepper. Pour sauce into the frying pan of baking, add mustard, incorporate the butter.

Autre Recette
Voilà d'autre recette que j'ai reçu...


 Râper le citron et mettre de côté, ensuite presser le citron, l'ajouter sur l'émincé de poulet dans un plat,ajouter un peu de farine et assaisonner copieusement sel , poivre curry ,paprika,et selon les goûts on peut mettre du piment, ou le paprika ou curry très fort.
Mettre le contenu dans une casse plate (poêle)  bien doré. Mettre le toute dans un plat en pyrex allant au four. Ajouter la crème le jus de rôti persil et zest de citron.une demie heure au four.
Cela peut se servir avec du riz pâte où autre. Peut se préparer à l'avance ,idéale si on veux rester avec nos inviter.

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