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Recipe: Vegetable.
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My mother was an excellent cooker.
She left us some recipe, that finally I put on Internet...


For 6 pers. 12 ptes eggplants 6 pods of garlic 300 grs of lard savoury food 2 bites of rosemary oil of olive pepper, salt. Itemize ails in small brightness. Make whiten small bacon cubes 2 mn, them rinse and drain them. Wash dry eggplants. To make incisions, to introduce or a brightness of garlic is a bacon cube. Make heat some oil of olive, make go back there eggplants, add ½ glass of water, the bites of rosemary, cover. Cook eggplants until they are definitely confites.


Recipe Noémie. For pers 4. 1 kg of eggplants - coulis of tomato or cool tomatoes - salt adds pepper to basil laurel Cayenne - Parmesan - cream. Cut eggplants in edges without picking them. Run in salt. Spin a bit. Blow up in oil without letting go yellow. In the bottom some dish, little of coulis, cream, flavouring. put down eggplants, dredge with Parmesan, so in succession. End a little olive's oil by the tomato, of the basil.


1 kg eggplants 3 eggs - 2c simple percentage has late dinner of vinegar 30g of butter 10cl oil salt adds pepper For the melting of tomatoes: 750g of tomatoes, 2 onions, 1/2 carrot, 1 pod of garlic, parsley, thyme, laurel, 25 g of butter, salt adds pepper. Cut 1 eggplant in fines edges. Gild them in hot oil, drain some absorbing paper sur. Preheat the oven à 210 °. Spread with butter 4 ramekins. In a casserole boiled 2l of water and vinegar. Peel eggplants. Cut them in 4. Plunge 10mn into scalding water. Drain. Crush eggplants there purée. Incorporate eggs, salt add pepper. Put the tranches of eggplants employs on the walls of ramequins, divide the purée. Install in a dish in oven containing some hot water, clean off and cook 25 mn. Rinse tomatoes, pick employ onion and 1/2 carrot, cut in pieces. Put in a saucepan with the second peeled and sliced thinly onion, the pod of garlic and the parsley, the thyme and the laurel. Salt add pepper. Cook on gentle heat 25 mn. Pass to the shredder. Heat then add the butter. Glaze the plates of melting of tomatoes. Turn out of the tin a ramekin in the centre. Serve hot or cold.


Recipe J. Robuchon – Pork caul to wash with a bit of lemon or vinegar, to put a night in the fridge. For 4 persons, 12 leaves of cabbage. To whiten the cabbage 3 mn to cool, to withdraw coasts, to slice thinly a party, to hack scallions to put with 10 cl of vermouth or white wine, to make reduce by half, add 20 g of butter, then the cabbage in small strips then 32 snails in the cabbage salt adds pepper, to make sweat. Preheat the oven in 180 °. Take small bowls by wallpapering the bottom of caul, trim them with 4 triangles of cabbage. Put the half of the sorrel income in the butter, then cabbages snails, finish with the other half of sorrel. Fold leaves, then caul. Turn out of the tin cabbages, put in dish, water with boullon of fowl (4 ladles), put in the oven 15 mn, go out then add 60 g of cream, delay in the oven 5 mn. Take out decorate with the chervil.


For 4 zucchinis - 4 tomatoes - 4 new onions - thyme - 4 eggs - 20 cl of cream - 1 c. in soup of curry powder - 3 c. in soup of oil - 20 g of butter - salt, pepper. Cut tomatoes in 0,5 cm washers dredge a little salt and let spew out 30 mn. Oven in 180 °. Peel and slice thinly onions in washers, make go them back without colouring ds 1 c. to soup of oil, by moving them 5 mn. Wash and dry zucchinis, slice thinly them on the bias in 0,5 cm washers. Display the well-blended of onions in a dish on earth spread with butter. Add 2 c. to soup of oil in the frying pan, put zucchinis to gild 6 - 7 mn. Salt add pepper at the end of baking, then drain them. Mop tomatoes. Intercalate the washers of zucchinis and tomatoes on the single coat, in the dish. Salt and add pepper. Beat eggs with cream, curry powder, of salt and pepper. Add of the thinned out the leaves thyme. Glaze the vegetables of this preparation. Slip the dish in the oven 30 mn. To serve they can top up of the thyme.


For pers 4. 2 zucchinis, 2 pods of garlic, 2 eggs, 3 c. in soup of thick cream, 1 pt glass of milk, thyme, butter, salt, pepper. Wash wipe zucchinis cut them in fine washers. Beat eggs in a bowl with cream, milk, thyme émiété, and the finely hacked garlic, salt. Spread with butter the dish, dispose the washers of zucchinis by making them overlap. Pour preparation in eggs, salt add pepper. Cook in medium oven 180 °, 10 mn. Serve hot or cold.


For pers 6. 8 eggs - 2 zucchinis - 1 onion - 3 cooked potatoes - 6 bites of parsley - 5 c. in soup of oil of olive - salt - pepper. Preheat the oven 180 °. Rinse and dry zucchinis, cut in washers without peeling them. Hack the onion. In a bowl crush potatoes in the fork. Incorporate eggs, add the onion, the washers of zucchinis and the carved parsley. Salt and add pepper. Pour oil into a mould in missed. Put it in the oven 5mn until oils it frisonne. Pour preparation and cook 35 mn. Turn out of the tin and let drain on a gate. Cut up the omelette in squares and serve cold.


salt, pepper, For 6 persons - 6 zucchinis, 4 eggs, 1 c in soup of flour, 2 pods garlic, ½ bunch of parsley, oils. Wash zucchinis, rasp them, put them in a strainer and let them drain one hour, end up drying them with some absorbing paper. Pick, hack the pods of garlic, thin out the leaves, carve the parsley. Separate the whites of yellow, blend these last in the rasped zucchinis, in the flour, in the parsley and in the garlic, salt, add pepper. Beat whites in snow, incorporate them delicately in preparation. Make heat the value of half a cuillérée with soup of oil in the frying pan. Deposit small heaps of preparation in the frying pan, let colour on the one hand, turn them and let them gild, them deposit as one goes along on some absorbing paper across. To suffer lukewarm or cold in drink.


Recipe stepmother. 40 walnuts, (almonds or hazelnuts) 3 eggs, 150 g of flour, 150 g of sugar, a little Alsatian leaven.. Beat eggs with the sugar, add the flour, leaven and the walnuts. Overturn on a plate. Cook about 10 - 15 mn in oven in 200 °. Cut up in sticks, make grill 2 sides lightly.

Plain round flat cake of vegetables

For 8 persons: 4 zucchinis, 3 carrots, 1 limp with corn of 200g, 1 onion, 2 eggs, 3c. in soup of oil, salt, pepper. Itemize vegetables in julian, slice thinly the onion. Beat eggs in omelette, pour them on vegetables, let marinade 10 mn by moving from time to time. To make heat up lapoêle, to pour preparation to cook 5 mn on late means on each side.
For 8 pers.1,200 kg of potatoes, 600 grs of county, 4 eggs, 400 grs of flour, 5 pods of garlic, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 tomato, salt adds pepper. Hit potatoes. Add eggs, flour, crushed garlic, hacked parsley, county, salt, pepper. Blend. Make heat some oil and some butter, dispose preparation, decorate.
Cook 1 potato in dress of fields per capita. Pass to the mill, blend with 1c in soup of flour by potato. Work this paste by adding 1 egg, or more according to quantity. Cut in pieces, in small dices for instance, run in the flour. Cook in salt scalding water. Serve tomato with a sauce.
To make go back leeks to the butter, then to put them in a dish they add some cream, the fromage frais, 2 eggs entireties, salt, pepper. In a dish with gratin, put a coat of preparation, then a coat of lasagna and so on and cook in the oven.
Cook and drain leaves of lasagnas. Make go back sliced thinly scallions and tomatoes cut in dices in the oil of olive. In a dish with gratin to deposit a leaf of lasagnas, a coat of spinaches thaw a few tomatoes, of edges of smoked salmon, in scallions and of some white sauce. Start again operation 3 times. Put in the oven in 180 ° during 30 mn.
Recipe Basque country: For pers 4. 1 chicken, 1 chipiron, 4 tr. of monkfish, 8 crayfishes, 400 g of moulds. In a dish with paella make go back to the oil of olive 1 onion of the poivron garlic 1 red cut in small strips. Add the chicken cut in pieces, the chipiron in small strips, the edges of monkfish then cover with water. Add a pinch of salt and saffron. Cook during 5 mn. Add the rice in rain, moulds, the crayfishes. Cook during 15 mn in soft fires. Before serving add of the hacked parsley.
Emincé an onion to be blended with 1 kg of carrots rapées. To add spices curry powder cumin salt adds pepper, then 6 whole eggs definitely to blend, they can top up bacon cubes. Put in a mould with well greased cake and with a waxed paper. Pass to the oven. Cold with a salad is served.
Recipe Catherine (Morocco): For pers 4. Make go back 500 g of onions in oil or butter, 2 nets of chicken or guinea hen, pigeon, ½ c. in coffee of ginger, ½ packet of saffron (1/2 c. in coffee) a little water to avoid gluing together, cooking 30 mn about. Once cook add coriander of hacked and of the parsley (1 bunch) 1 c. in soup of cinnamon, 2 c. in soup of sugar, 5 or 6 whole eggs, almonds and dry grapes saturated in water. Put the whole in leaves of bricks (between 6 and 10). Put in the oven about 20 mn in 170 °. 
To cut in straps about 4 add pepper, to cook in some white vinegar 10 mn with a c. has soup of salt and 2 c. in soup of sugar. Drain, wrong get cold, put in the oil of olive in the fridge.
Habitual recipe:Pour about 10 quenelles - 12,50 cl of water - 75 grs of butter - 90 grs of flour - 3 eggs - salt - pepper - fish or shrimps or to Make other one heat water with the butter salt the pepper Put the flour just like that and to blend until the saucepan is very dry and compact mixture. Add the beforehand hacked fish. Add eggs one has one by whipping their complete enlistment with the aid of the robot with whisks. Manufacture quenelles by rolling them in the flour. Make heat some salt water. Put quenelles when water takes the end and to let quiver some minutes by turning them. Baking is good when they go back up to the surface. Drain them on a linen or sopalin adapt Them.
For 12 - ¼ of semolina, ½ l of milk, 30 g of rasped Gruyère cheese, 2 whole eggs, 50 - 80 g of butter, salt, pepper. Cook semolina with the milk, salt, pepper, butter, until it detaches absolutely. When it is cooled down put beaten eggs. Run in the flour and make seat at the back in scalding water. When it goes back up to the surface to withdraw them. Is made the day before for the following day.
Recipe Noémie. Is served hot or cold. Eggplants - zucchinis - potato - 1 poivron red - 1 poivron green - 3 or 4 onions whites - tomatoes - salt, pepper, basil, cayenne, ½ sweetens - 2 or 3 pods of garlic. Make go back with a little oil, eggplants, zucchinis cut in washers, the apples of fine cut lands. In another saucepan with a little oil, to make go back slowly onions, then add pepper to them cut in straps, tomatoes, to top up the puréed ails. Blow up. Delay eggplants zucchinis etc... Season, ½ sweetens. Water with oil of olive and put in the refrigerator to eat cold. To eat hot, they can break eggs over, or blend with pasta.
Make a sauce white sauce with 100 grs of butter of crayfish, 50 grs of flour, ½ l of milk, salt and cayenne. Once cook incorporate 1/8 of l of cream. They can wrap around quenelles of a net of sole and cover with nantua sauce, put in the oven 30 mn.
Recipe Noemie. Tuna - onion, garlic, salt, pepper, laurel, fennel, tomato, pickle, capers, white wine. Scald the tuna, dry him. Flour 2 sides and deep-fry. Throw oil. Make go back onion, crushed garlic, all flavouring and tomato concentrated. At the end of 5 mn withdraw some fire. Cut a pickle, rinse and spin capers, whom they top up in sauce as well as tuna with a little water and white wine. Cook 5 - 10 mn.

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