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Recipe: Cheese.
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My mother was an excellent cooker.
She left us some receipts, that finally I put on Internet...


For pers 1. 1 glass of white wine of Savoy 200 grs of cheese, half Emmenthal, half Beaufort-1 pod of garlic 1 spoon with coffee of starch - 1 glass with liqueur of kirschwasser adds pepper to nutmeg. Cut the cheese in small strips. Thin down starch with kirschwasser. Cut the bread in small cubes. Rub a casserole with a pod of garlic picked. Put the wine to be heated, as soon as it begins bubbling throw it the cheese without ceasing turning with a wooden spoon. Add pepper. When the cheese is melted, to add it the starch thinned down with kirschwasser, without ceasing turning. As soon as preparation goes up in the saucepan, it is important to serve it by disposing it on a stove

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