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Recipe: Entry & Soup.
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My mother was an excellent cooker.
She left us some recipe, that finally I put on Internet...

Advice for Oils:

They very much intend to speak some oil of olive for these qualities, an important of which is not to deteriorate in temperature.
But it has a defect, it is a weak rate d ' Omega 3 (1 %), which are anti-oxidizers very recommended for health.

For the salad, other oils is recommended, for instance:
- oil of périlla (65 % of omega 3)
- linen oil (49 % of omega 3). Attention, this oil must be kept in the fridge, and carefully closed again after usage.
- oil of cameline (43 % of omega 3)
- oil of hemp (17 % of omega 3)
- oil of walnut (14 % of omega 3)
- rapeseed oil (10 % of omega 3)
You will have more information on the book: Kousmine Gourmande.
At any rate, you should not heat oils named here, what obliges has have two oils, as for instance rapeseed oil oil of olive according to dishes.


1 °) For pers 4. - 1 foie gras of 600 grs - pepper - salt according to the purchase of the liver - 1 tablespoonful of cognac or other one. To put cook in a bowl of 400 grs in the bath - marries about 30 - 35 mn to the oven in 100 ° having watered with cognac. Cram in bowl by recuperating the liver of a board and a weight. Let get cold in the oven. Put in the fridge. Keep 3 weeks so not started. 2 °) to Put in a container the foie gras watered with cognac, salt, pepper, thyme, laurel. Let soak 12 h. The following day to put in bowl as before or to make sterilize in jar 6 - 10 mn.


For 6 pers .: 1 lobe of foie gras of 400 in 450g 1 c has s of preserve of apricots, 2 cl of wine vinegar, 2 cl of vinegar of Sherry, 25 cl of bottom of calf, 25g of butter, salt adds pepper, pts spy on of corn and berries of redcurrants. Escaloper the liver in 6 edges, to salt them and to add pepper. Bring preserve and vinegar in the caramel, add the bottom of calf, cook 10 mn and pass to Chinese. Cut the butter in small pieces, incorporate it in sauce deeply by stinking. In an anti-sticky frying pan, without adding fat, making gild the liver 1 mn on every face, then mop on an absorbing paper. Raise on 6 hot plates and glaze with sauce. Decorate in your fancy by adding redcurrants and small ears of corn.


For pers 4. 1 crude liver of 500 g, 1 pod of vanilla, 1 pinch of ginger in powder, 2 c in coffee of vinegar of raspberry, 5 green apples, 1 c in coffee of sugar, 1 hazelnut of butter, salt, pepper. With a spoon with bowl form in 3 of the apples of the small balks. Make go them back barely in a hazelnut of butter. Reserve. With the 2 other apples, cook a stewed fruit by incorporating vanilla the ginger and the sugar. Reserve. Cut the foie gras believed in scallops of one cm in thickness. Then put them in a hot frying pan 2 mn of herring barrel side, and at the end of baking add a little vinegar of raspberry. Drain the scallops of foie gras on some absorbing paper. Raise in plates foie gras, balks of apples and accompanied with a bowl stewed fruit. Serve with a liqueur-like wine. Other Recipe TV to Cut the liver in rather thick edge (1cm). Put in a very hot frying pan without fat, salt add pepper. Pick an apple cut it in edge, put with the liver qq mn afterwards. Add some red porto and burn. Then link sauce with little of maizéna.


For 2 quiche or other one. 180g of butter to be emulsified, 1 egg to be beaten and to be crossed to Chinese, 6g of fine salt, 40g of cold water to melt salt. Put the egg in salt water, put this liquid in the butter, then add ¼ of flour. 200 g of flour to be sieved, 100g of starch to be sieved. Add the rest of flour and knead of the end of doi06 / 05 / 2002gts. Let rest ½ h in the refrigerator or make the day before. Freeze in that case put in the fridge the day before and take out 10 mn before its use.


RECIPE BARBER - FOR pers 6. 1 broken paste, 3 big leeks, 6 bites of dill, 3 whole eggs, 1 yolk, 250g of thick cream, 250g of nets of thick smoked haddock, ½ l of milk, 70g of county, 30g of butter, salt, pepper. Itemize the smoked haddock in fine small strips, soak it in the milk 30 mn, drain it dry it. Pick leeks, cook them 5 mn in salt scalding water, cross them under cold water, drain them, cut them in washers d ’ 1/2 cm. Make heat the butter in a frying pan antiadhesive, make go back there the washers of leeks, without taking colour during 10 mn, adding pepper. Spread with butter the mould with pie, wallpaper it with paste, put in the freezer 5 mn. Cook paste with white 10 mn (180 °). Rasp the county. In a salad bowl whip whole eggs, cream, pepper and add the county. Display leeks and small strips of smoked haddock on the bottom of pie. Divide the dill thinned out the leaves on. Pour mixture cream eggs on. Beat the yolk with a little water in a small bowl. Gild the edges of paste with the aid of a brush. Cook (th.7 - 210 °) during 25 mn. Serve the lukewarm or hot pie with a salad of lamb's lettuce.


6 eggs, 30 cl of cream, 4 onions, 2 zucchinis (and/or eggplants), thyme basil, bacon cubes (and/or salmon), tomatoes, Gruyère cheese: preparation 1 h 30 to Cook zucchinis, eggplants, tomatoes, onions before.


To make 30 cl of cream, 2 eggs, 2 c oils, 1k500 of leeks, 500g onions, salt adds pepper. A broken paste, to cut leeks in chunks, to slice thinly onions. To put onions and leeks to be braised under cover in a mixture spreads with butter oil during one hour. Trim the pie dish with mixture onions cream leeks and beaten eggs.


- Pettites zucchinis lightly picked, cut in fine washers.
- Tomatoes in washers.
- Feta or mozarelle.
- Black olives.
- Sauce: vinagre or lemon, oil of olive, salt, adds pepper, herbes of Provence, new onions.
All ingredients sauce in quantity and to put in the fridge. Prepare 3 h beforehand.


Recipe Noémie. For pers 6. - 2 limp soft corn (1/4) - 1 heart of palms (500grs) - 1 heart of very white celery - 2 btes of natural shrimps limps. - ½ lemon juice - 3 eggs. Rasp the celery. Make a vinaigrette or mayonnaise. To blend everything. Put leaves of lettuce around and hard eggs for presentation.


Recipe Noémie. Sardines - Parsley - Garlic - Butter. Cut the head; rinse them and dry. Take away the central bone. Cut them in two in the length. Stuff them with parsley, garlic, butter. Roll sardines. Put in the oven with a net of oil, bread without the crusts of bread if necessary.


2c in soup of cream with 1 c in soup of ketchup and 1 c in coffee of mustard, salt and pepper. Cut 4 big mushrooms in sticks (in the 2 senses), put them in one ½ lemon juice, then drain them. Can be made with cucumbers, of chicories or other raw vegetables.


Recipe Rebuchon. For pers 4. 1/2 pineapples cut in the length in fine edges then in sticks and dices. Cut 4 firm bananas in washers. Pick 1 lime cut 2 zests in filament only the zest. Make caramelize some russet sugar 100g that they spread in the bottom of the saucepan, with 1c in soup of butter, then to add the juice d ' 1 orange, pineapples, then to add 2 cinnamon crumbled, to cook 10 mn. Add the zest of lemon. Cook rather extremely, then add bananas, 10 mn Lower, add 3 - 4 c of water if this sticks. Then at the end 2 passion fruits, a bit of nutmeg, 2 c in soup of old rum.


Recipe Noémie. (not specified quantity) Moulds - fennel - laurel - onion - 1 spoon with coffee of tomato - 1 garlic - 1 packet of saffron - Cayenne, salt. Open moulds to water, and remove shells. In a saucepan put a little oil, the fennel, the laurel, the onion, the crushed garlic, the tomato. Cross water. Top up the saffron, flavouring. Let stew little. In the choice, crusts in the garlic, pasta, rasped Gruyère cheese.


Recipe Noémie. For pers 4. 250 grs of fiélas blacks - 750 grs of fish of rock - 2 onions - 1 white of leek - 2 tomatoes - a bit of fennel - salt, pepper, Cayenne, 1 capsule of saffron - pasta and crusts in the garlic. In a frying pan put onions, fish cut roughly, white of leek, tomatoes, fennel, salt, pepper, all this water with oil of olive. Let marinade 3 or 4 hours. Then make heat on gas, top up 4 platefuls of hot water. Cook the hour ½. Let rest. Pass to the shredder, then to Chinese. Add the saffron, the cayenne. Let boil 2 mn, then possibly add pasta and crusts in the garlic.


Recipe Noémie. For pers 4. 250 grs of fine couscous - 4 lemons - 1 onion-4 tomatoes - 40 leaves of cool mint - salt, adds pepper, oils. Squeeze lemons Overturn on the couscous. Hack the onion. Cut tomatoes in dices. To blend everything by incorporating salt, pepper, about 4 tablespoonfuls of oil. Put in the refrigerator the day before. At last instant, add the hacked parsley and the leaves of mint cut finely.


For pers 8. 1 kg of carrots, 800g of cabbages flower, 500g green beans, 3 whites of eggs, salt, pepper. Coulis of tomatoes, 500g of tomatoes, 1 onion, 2 pods of garlic, 20g of butter, 2 bites of oregano, thyme of basil, qq drops of tabasco, salt adds pepper. 1 mould with antisticky cake. Pick carrots, cabbages flower, wash them, itemize them in washers and small bunches. Sharpen green beans, wash them. Cook vegetables separately in the steam, 8 mn for the cabbage flower and carrots, 5 mn for green beans. Reduce vegetables separately in purée with the aid of a blender by incorporating them an egg white salt add pepper. Trim the mould with purée, by beginning with a coat of carrots, then a coat of cabbages flowers, end by green beans. To cook bowl in the bath marries to the oven in 200 °, during 45 mn. The coulis: put the 2 tomatoes in some scalding water, cross them under cold water, peel them cut them in 2, épépiner, cut them of there. Pick, hack the onion melt it in a saucepan in a little water, add the dices of tomatoes, the picked pods of garlic, the thyme, the oregano, the basil, the tabasco salt and pepper. Cook in late means 10 mn. Incorporate the butter, cross the coulis across Chinese. Turn out of the tin bowl, cut it in 8 edges. Serve it accompanied with the coulis of tomatoes.


For 6 pers.1,5 kg of zucchinis, 5 eggs, 250grs of liquid cream, 1 pod of garlic, 1 bunch of mint, 10 bites of chervil, 80 grs of butter, salt, Cayenne. Coulis of tomato. Rapez zucchinis, to make them spew out 1 hour, them rinse, them put in a dishcloth, them press hard. Hack the garlic. Make go back zucchinis with the garlic and butter, without letting them colour about 8 mn. Add pepper. Carve the mint, the parsley, the chervil. Put zucchinis in a salad bowl, incorporate them eggs beaten in omelette, herbes, cream, pepper and salt. Spread with butter the mould fill it with preparation put to cook in gentle heat during 1 hour (th 6/7). Cover if the top tans too quickly. Make a coulis of tomatoes with onion, garlic, Cayenne etc. Serve the turned out of the tin bowl accompanied with the coulis of cool tomatoes.

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Published on Internet : 03 September 2005.
Last Update : 11 November 2007

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