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Receipt: Jam.
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Here of another receipt that I recovered has right or has left.

Fig jam.

10 kg of fig.
2 kg of orange.
2 kg of walnut.
7 kg of sugar.
Put fig in 7 kg of sugar, let rest all night.
Oranges must be cut in edge trés fine, with the skin, except perhaps in both points of attack.
Walnuts have to be cut in fragment, but not in powder.
Cook one hour the following day.

Too hard jam.

Add two spoon of hot tea.


There is in:
- apple pips.
- the "confisucre".

Pie in the quince.

- Broken paste
- Crême patissière.
- Quince returned in water sweetened, in the poële.

Created : 23 February 2006.
Last Update : 11 November 2007.

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