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Evolution of the number of visits.


90 : Means a compress value 90 with Irfanview.

Visit number since
10 déc. 2003:  
 Author: Alain Buchaillard.
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- Creation of the site on 10th December 2003 with the personal pages of Bluewin. I first used composer of netscape, which allowed me to achieve basic code HTML.
- 80 about mid-April 2004 before the recording of my perso page on Bluewin.
- 125 on the 08/05/2004.
- 155 the 22/05/2004 after some days of breakdowns of moostik.
- 235 on the 02/06/2004 just after having put the moostik pointer on all pages. Creation of english page.
- 305 the 11/06/2004 when I was withdrawn from the index of Google after a wrong manipulation on beginning of June. Change of presentation.
- 320 on the 25/06/2004 when I am back in the index Google again.
- summer, 2004: use of javascript first to load photographs, then for conscript different HTML pages since the main page. This modification will be worth me the disappearing of the secondary pages in Google for an unexplained reason.
- 451 on July 19th, 2004.
- 698 on August 14th, 2004.
- autumn, 2004: use of frame in the main page. This and javascript will be worth me probably the withdrawal of my site from Google.
- 1096 on September 20th, 2004. Every links of the main page is now linked by Google.
- 1262 on October 02nd, 2004. Withdrawal of Google for a reason unexplained.
- 1299 on December 12th, 2004. Always not re-include in Google. I also abolish English version from this day (difficult to manage, and this takes some place).
- 1360 on January 23rd, 2005. I am still not back in Google. But I see that I am present in images.goggle. ***. It was not envisaged, it is necessary for me to change the names of all photographs to find me more easily!
- spring, 2005: transfer from Bluewin to Infomaniak to benefit of much more disc space. Then I add META TAG in all my HTML pages, because I learns that it is important for research motors. Addition of a style page, then ' cleaning of code HTML '. Composer added for me a lot of bloody messes in HTML code, sometimes I reduce until is-30 % the size of the HTML file. I also add page of photograph during this period with  some comment sometimes, to bring comments and also to found me be easly from search engine: this will not be finally very efficient, but some comments with photographs is in any case more interesting. There is probably other change, which I do not remember any more exactly.
- 1453 on April 06th, 2005. I still did not come back in Google. But I saw in the mean times that Google asked that we copy what is written in a picture, and I do not remember having do this the previous times. So perhaps I would have more chance now?
- 1468 on April 22nd, 2005, while I have just finished the transfer of the site of Bluewin to Infomaniak. The size of the site is a little more of 60Mo before the transfer to Infomaniak.
- 1500 on May 16th, 2005. Always in waiting to be indexed in Google. The site on infomaniak approach of its final version with 305Mo of data.
- 1504 on May 22nd, 2005. I have just included my site in search engine according to: ' yahoo ', ' ', ' Faces of Seine and Marl ', ' @nnuaire of the web ', 'Franco Media' ', ' Neptune ', ' Yu Search ', ' AEIWI ', ' France-Site ', ' Google '. Use of beacons 'META' on several pages of the site.
- 1631 on July 2nd, 2005. I am back in some motors (MSN, altavista, AEIWI, Abacho, Yahoo) for some weeks, what brings me some 3... 5 visits a day.
- summer, 2005: I begin understanding that frames and javascript indeed block the visibility of my site by search engines. Then I withdraw frames and javascript. Then finally I reintroduced javascript as the origin, but I double every javascript code by basic HTML links, what allows to become again 100 % visible by search engine, while keeping a nice use. The discovery of the online navigator named Lynx helped me a lot.
- 1788 on September 1st, 2005. I am in some search engine, but still not in Google. But I am compatible with Lynx, some pages being corrected with HTML page validator, so I have therefore better hope.
- 1800 on September 03rd, 2005. I have end up checker all pages with Lynx and W3C to validator.
- 1841 on September 11th, 2005. I returned all photographs visible by Lynx. Small correction of key words by adding "big" on "Adsl" pages, and also I added sometimes "photograph" when word was forgotten.
- 1867 on September 20th, 2005. I am once again back in Google, after one year of battle and update of my site!
- 1907 on September 26th, 2005. I am in the following search engines: Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Metamoteur, MSN, Abacho. I am very well memorized in Google.
- autumn, 2005: I realize that I did not really pay attention in keys-expressions. It is therefore difficult to find me via search engine. So I am going to add some key-expressions progressively at the bottom of any pages.
- 1986 on October 23rd, 2005. I moved at the beginning of the month and take back contact with Internet this day.
- 2082 on November 21st, 2005. I try to reintroduce frames pages, but this time by doubling all links to standard pages. I launch into an English version of my site once again. But I don't have a lot of time, therefore this advances not quickly.
- 2097 on November 25th, 2005. I added links Babelfish for an automatic translation in other languages than English / French.
- 2196 on January 05th, 2006. My last uipdate with frame did not derail Google. But my English pages are not crossed! Then I valid again my site with W3C pages: http: // / index_en_menu.html, then / index_fr_menu.html, then / index.html. I recheck with Lynx, and the beginning seems ok. Some errors are present on entrance page.
- 2302 on the February 1st, 2006. Obviously, I am always in Google and in Yahoo. However, a small checkis going to be necessary in some time, just to see the quality of archiving of Google.
- 2428 on February 25th, 2006. My new chapter on Hoggar enters in Google. Obviously, Google seems running with my frames.
- 2535 on April 01st, 2006. The whole site is translated into English after an intensive usage of Babelfish. Hand correction will begin...
- 2750 on July 29th, 2006.
- 2828 on 09 aout 2006. Addition of a sitemap for Google.
- 4031 on March 25th, 2007. Site restructuring the previous weeks, use general of PHP in order to use everywhere the function ' include '. - 4067 on April 02nd 2007. Full website check with W3C.
- 6817 on November 10thm 2007. I have got about 20 visitors by days the last month.
- 7260 on November 30, 2007. I just check again all the pages with W3C validation service, like checking some META tags.
- 7319 on December 02, 2007. I have just added a blog and a guestbook, and making some new automatic referencing.
- 15350 on August 5th, 2008. It numbers of visits has augment distinctly just like that, 50 a day about. I add a counter Infomaniak also. I add some comments in the HTML instruction "alt" for a better internet activity.
- 19532 on 07 december 2008. I delete the comments in the HTML instruction "alt", because it seems that it has decrease the activity since july. I delte also the other count different than Moostik, because I never use it.
- 20268 le 02 january 2008. I update some pages, I add Infomaniak statistiques, I check again my Google count. Moostik seems to have trouble since 6 months, so I will move it in background. I add also a location above each file.
- 24,142 on 25 April 2009 Moositk. But I think that it suffers from saturation, and I am not sure of the validity of the figure. So adding a Google Analytics.

Web statistics.


How to reference a website?

- the use of a traditional code HTML does not pose in theory a trouble.
- the more complex codes like Javascript is likely not understood by the research robots. A PHP complex code can also not be understood by the research robots. In these cases, it is better to double them by traditional HTML code.
- Pay attention to put enough META tags:
<title>***</title> Put a title instead ***
<meta content="***" name="verify-v1"> This is a code given by Google to check that you are the owner of the website.
<meta content="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1" http-equiv="content-type"> Automatically add by Nvu.
<meta content="***" name="description">
Site description.
<meta content="***" name="keywords">
Keywords of the site.
<meta content="***" name="author">
Author name instead ***
<meta name="Identifier-URL" content="***"> Put the website address on each page of your site.
<meta content="10" name="revisit-after">
I don't know if it is a good idea to use it?
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="cgi_bin/style.css">  
I use a cascading style sheet, but you don't have to do it.
- Also pay attention to the frames HTML codes. It give certainly pretty presentation, but the code can not be understood by the research robots.
- Think to put the most important key words that the net surfers could use as search criterion in Google.
- Google advice to put a sitemap, you can dot it...
- Check your HTML or PHP code with :
- Then check how the research robots will see your site with Lynx: . You must see appearing all the links which you put.
- When it's did, it will be well enough. But perhaps also read attentively the Google advice:
- And if all is good, then insert your site in Google: . Do it with manually, because Google stop automatic referencing.

I have reference my site in:

First in the big search engine:

Then in the other one, via the free automatic referencing:

Some available Fonts...

Exemple of fonts or polices available for web page : fonts.html et fonts+.html .

Formating a HTML code.

If you have worry because Nvu explodes the format of your HTML code, then here is small a software which can automatically restore the format of your HTML file.
Source: format5.cpp
Executable: format5.exe

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Created on: 22 April 2005.
Last update: 02 April 2009.

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