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Personal realization:
my hifi chains.


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An introduction, then a description of my hifi chains.

Amplifier 1998: Pre-amplifier, Ampli class AB (30W/8ohm), and Headphone Amplifier.

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Central theme:
- Better possible quality.
- Power restricted at 30W on 8 Ω, 50W on 4 Ω.
- Better report/quality price.
- Pre-amplifier, amplifier, and headphone output on the same apparatus.
- Amplifier class AB, no class A.

Class A Amplifier 2004 (5W/8ohm).

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Central theme:
- Only the class A, and more: an extreme use of the class A.
- Not of feedback loop.
- The simplest possible schematics.
- Create all myself.
- I am agreeably surprised by the result.
- A lot of warm emission, due to the used principle.
- Is suitable for regular impedance speaker.

Bass-Reflex Speaker.

bass enclosure
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Central theme:
- Way of Bass-reflex for a 8V012DBL.
- Bandwidth of 35/40Hz at - 3dB.
- The best possible quality for the bass. Thereabouts I target to have bass and a good impulse response.
- Limit of volume around 50 litres.
- Create all myself, to discover different compromises and reality of bass-reflex box. This is going to bring me to respect this time the classical recipes of the building of speaker...

Medium/acute Speaker.

medium enclosure
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The plan of building of this speaker has start just like by chance.
After the building of the bass speaker, I decide to construct this medium-acute speaker.

The listening of the bass speaker gives following result:
- To have bass which knock, it is necessary to avoid cutoff frequencies around 100Hz.
- The 21cm (8V012DBL) is a good loudspeaker, and it can be used until 300Hz without any worries of definition and transparence.

Idea was therefore to come back to 3 ways, 3 HPs.
Then considering the fall of prices to JmLab, I decide to accomplish a youth dream which consists in the purchase of Audiom 6WM (successor I assume of Audiom 7K). Then for cost reasons, I limit myself to T120 TD5.
Therefore, it is going to define this speaker...

CD converter.

CD converter
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Having finishes my speaker and adjust amplis, I have to  accomplish my last objective which holds me at heart since some years ago: accomplish a separated digital converter based on DF1706 AND PCM1704...

CD reader NAD512.

nad 512
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Some measurements on the CD reader NAD 512.
It is especially about the MASH convertiesseur and supply.

personal realization of amplifier - personal realization of speaker - personal realization of hifi chains - realization of amplifier classs A - creation of diagram of amplifier class A

To create it: July 17, 2005
Last modification: September 18, 2006.

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